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Technology and cheap education for all
Digital Classrooms.

Digital Learning Applications

Android and windows desktop based applications for MCQ's based testing and preparation from class 6 - 12 including entry test preparations.

EDUPI Classroom

Digitize your classroom with EDUPI providing you blended learning solution for your classroom Including video lectures , MCQ's based testing and Simulations.

Analytics and Reporting

Remain up to date about your students or child performance and learning with our analytics portal providing you all the reports regarding your child about his study time and learning improvements .

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Amazing Features


Local board efficiently designed curriculum for videos and simulations.

MCQ's Based Testing Applications

Windows and Android based applications for testing and preparation of exams and entry tests.


Timing based evaluations will help you to prepare for exam more efficiently

High Quality Video Lectures

Edupi provides you the video content from latest online learning platforms. , khan academy etc


You can add your own custom content for your classrooms.

Entry Test Preparation

Edupi classroom is very simple to setup and user friendly for use and having top resourse for entry test preparation.

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EDUPI At a glance

Edupi is digitizing various low cost schools into modern digital schools
with the support of ilmideas2 ukaid.

Pricing Plans

EDUPI Windows Applicaion

  • Free trial for 7 days
  • Rs 300 For Class 6-7 Per Year
  • Rs 400 For Class 9-10 Per Year
  • Rs 500 For Class 11/12, ECAT/MCAT/NUST Preparation Per Year

EDUPI for Individual

Rs 20000
  • EDUPI with Accessories
  • Video Lectures and Simulations
  • EDUPI Applications

EDUPI for Classrooms with Clickers

Rs 25000
  • EDUPI with Accessories
  • Video Lectures and Simulations
  • EDUPI Applications
  • 30 Clickers

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